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Technical Assistance Portal


GWI is providing no-cost individualized support for organizations seeking to increase their capacity to undertake GBV research and/or improve their monitoring and evaluation systems. The technical advisory/accompaniment services may be undertaken in person or virtually depending on the nature of the request and agreement between GWI and requesting organization.


Examples of specialized and targeted support includes:

  • Developing potential GBV evaluation and research priorities/learning agendas for your organization 
  • Developing ethical and safe data collection plans/tools to conduct your own GBV research or improve your existing GBV monitoring and evaluation processes 
  • Developing proposals (stand alone or as components of your program proposals) for further GBV research
  • Monitoring or evaluation activities to support GBV evidence generation 
  • Providing advice and in-kind support (person time, trainings, etc.) for targeted GBV research or M&E activities


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GWI will review your request for support within 3 business days of request. If your request is in line with our expertise and availability, we will reach out to your point of contact with next steps. 
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